Plasma is used for many different applications such as deposition or etching processes.

A huge variety of sources (DC, RF, microwave, …) leads to a high demand on universal diagnostic tools.

Thus, easily accessable parameter such as voltages or emission are measured.

All those values are indirect parameters that do no allow insights in the plasma – which is responsable for the product forming process!

The Multipole Resonance Probe (MRP) is based on the principle of active plasma resonance spectroscopy and measures in-situ and real-time the electron density as well as the electron temperature and electron collision frequency – the most important plasma parameters.

Knowing these values, flows and distribution functions can be estimated.

It is mounted in a ceramic tube – this makes the MRP measurement insensitive against dielectric coatings.


The Multipole Resonance Probe was already used in a high amount of different set-ups. It was implemented in optical deposition and other photonic systems, during glass coating as well as in etching or PECVD and HPPMS processes.

It works in capacitively or inductively coupled plasmas, with microwave sources, in dusty plasmas, with DC, MF, RF, pulsed, …

The MRP works universally in low-pressure and low-temperature plasmas, used in photonics, glass manufacturing, semiconductor processing and many many more. There are different designs for every application.

Let’s check, if it fits to your system!