The Multipole Resonance Probe is currently under development. We are revising the main parts of the hardware: probe head, vacuum mechanics as well as electronics for signal generation and recording and software for data processing. Most important point: Currently we replace the commercial network analyzer.

If there is already a need for this development state, please feel free to contact us and we will discuss if we can fulfill your request! Below are our current designs.

Flange fixed MRP

  • Simple mounting
  • All electronics outside chamber
  • Adjustable length of ceramic tube
  • Perfect for monitoring and control systems

Free positionable MRP

  • ost flexible positioning
  • Mounting wherever you want to: prevent shadowing
  • Flexible cable to flange inside reactor
  • Perfect for monitoring and control systems

Positioning mechanics MRP

  • Spatial resolution of plasma parameters
  • Protection of probe in flange possible
  • Positioning system mounted outside vacuum chamber
  • Perfect for research and development

Wall integrated planar MRP

  • Probe is hidden for process
  • No shadowing or disturbance of the process
  • Positioning inside flange possible
  • Perfect for monitoring and control systems