Electronics and cicuit board development

Everything to do with plasmas requires electronics. This ranges from I/O modules to the processing of trigger signals. We already have some solutions and offer support in the development of electronics – whether DC or RF, low or high voltage.

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Trigger module for the distribution of optical and electrical trigger signals

This module offers the possibility to distribute one optical signal input to 6 coaxial TTL outputs or one coaxial TTL input to 4 optical outputs.

Electrical und technical data:

input voltage5 V
maximum current250 mA
optical inputs1
wavelength650 nm
coaxial inputs1
logic level5 V
maximum input frequency1 MHz
optical outputs4
wavelength650 nm
coaxial outputs6
logic level5 V
Configuration 1optical input distributed to all coaxial outputs
Configuration 2coaxial input distributed to all optical outputs
Configuration 3stacked module receiving trigger from base module

*Configurations are adjustable via jumper

Development support for electronics in the field of signal processing, board development, signal generation, … (DC, RF, low voltage, high voltage,…)