1st place and special price at “Senkrechtstarter”

On June 17th, 2021, House of Plasma was able to achieve 1st place in the Bochum start-up competition “Senkrechtstarter”. We were also recognized there as the “best university spin-off”!

Since the beginning of the starter-nights in November 2020 and an intensive weekly discussion of the business idea, House of Plasma was able to convince the jurors with its business plan in April and moved into the top 10, in May into the top 5! In the final we prevailed against 4 other teams in pitching and took the victory home!

We would like to thank Bochum WirtschaftsentwicklungG DATA CyberDefense and Donna und der Blitz for the great organization, the jury Andreas OstendorfChristian GroßmannHeike KehlbeckSebastian DeutschStefan Möller, Marcel Grenz, Michael SchugtWorldfactory Start-up Center (WSC) and the entire audience!

High-Tech.NRW Accelerator finished with demo day

After ten weeks, the high-tech.NRW accelerator ended on Friday with a demo day. All 12 start-ups were once again able to present their final pitches to almost 100 participants*.

The Accelerator was a great success for House of Plasma. We were able to consult on many strategic questions and to adjust our own planning. This includes e.g. the business planning concerning market entry strategies and the financing concept. Technical components, IP management and sales were also further developed with the help of many mentors. In particular, the industrial know-how of the program and the technical expertise for the market helped enormously. The team with Maria, Geoffrey and Moritz would like to thank the organizers for the great and continuing cooperation!

This was our pitch:

Started founding competition

We decided to participate at the Bochum founding competition Senkrechtstarter! Start-ups from Bochum and North Rhine-Westphalia can introduce their ideas and benefit from advice of the expert network. The ten best teams win prizes!

Here you can find our introduction pitch (in German):

New accelerator: High-Tech.NRW – House of Plasma is in!

We are very proud to be part of the very new accelerator program High-Tech.NRW and looking forward to all meetings and mentoring!

The program is designed for hardware based key technology start-ups in North Rhine-Westphalia. As it is usual today, the kick-off started online with very interesting pitches of all 12 participating start-ups and all mentors.

Thanks to NMWP e.V. and all persons organizing this new program!

Started Start-up Transfer.NRW

Here we go for our new project: Just started 1st of July the EFRE project at Ruhr University Bochum! It is funded for one year to build up the business (plan) and develop industrially usable and fitting Multipole Resonance Probe measurement system for monitoring and control of low pressure plasma assisted processes.