Rent measurement equipment

Sometimes a process does not do what it is supposed to. Or you start and adjust a new process. Perhaps a comparison is needed between different processes. Or a connection is sought between plasma parameters and product performance. And the right measurement technology is missing. But it is not worth buying just for that. Or you may want to eval a device first and then purchase it later.

For this purpose, we can temporarily provide the measurement equipment as a loaner. Various designs are available for the Multipole Resonance Probe, which are listed below.

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Flange fixed MRP

  • Simple mounting
  • All electronics outside chamber
  • Adjustable length of ceramic tube
  • Perfect for monitoring and control systems

Free positionable MRP

  • ost flexible positioning
  • Mounting wherever you want to: prevent shadowing
  • Flexible cable to flange inside reactor
  • Perfect for monitoring and control systems

Positioning mechanics MRP

  • Spatial resolution of plasma parameters
  • Protection of probe in flange possible
  • Positioning system mounted outside vacuum chamber
  • Perfect for research and development

Wall integrated planar MRP

  • Probe is hidden for process
  • No shadowing or disturbance of the process
  • Positioning inside flange possible
  • Perfect for monitoring and control systems